Training to become a helicopter pilot

Should you want to master the Art of helicopter flying, STB-Copter is definitely the place to practice this skill. STB-Copter will teach you how to fly safe.

Theoretical training


The theoretical program includes approximately 120 hours. These classes take place at our school in Wevelgem EBKT.
The preparation for the theoretical test is divided into 9 modules.

1. Aviation Regulation and operational procedures
2. Principles of Flight (aerodynamics)
3. General knowledge of aircraft and instruments
4. Flight Performance and Planning
5. Navigation and radio aids
6. Operational procedures
7. Radio communications
8. Meteorology
9. Human performance and limitations

After completing the course and having passed our trial examinations, you will be proposed to do the official exam which has to be passed at the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority. The exams consist of multi-choice question papers.

Weight & Balance Calculator

Use our Excel file for your Weight & Balance calculations. Download the Excel tool.


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